Don’t Call It A Comeback

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Earlier this year I predicted that sock garters (yes, the kind Grandpa use to wear with his loafers) would become a trend in the indie fashion world. Now sock garters of all stripes, from sexy black leather to sweet cotton candy lace, are appearing all over the place!

To give credit where credit is due, the epicenter of this new style is Vancouver-based retailer SwanClothing. SWAN features a variety of garters, from white lace to black leather. I have to say it: SWAN garters rock my socks!

Other online retailers are catching on to the kitschy cuteness of the sock garter craze. Sock Dreams is also offering a variety of themed sock garters. Sock Dreams offers garters for all occasions:
a Mad Tea Party in Wonderland, a cold, clear winter’s night, or a steampunk soiree!


Victorian Secret

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Last December the designers at Victoria Secret took a page from the retro-futurist subculture and adorned their angels with a Steampunk-inspired look. Complete with corsets, the brass, the clockwork:

Tattoo Tuesday: Tolkien Tatts!

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I’m a Tolkien fan. As a kid I played ‘hobbits’ with my cousins, and dreamed of living in the shire. I spent hours standing in line in the rain waiting for Lord Of The Rings tickets. I’m just that geeky. But I’m not the only one. As today’s Tattoo Tuesday theme, I selected some of the geekiest and best Tolkien tatts from around the web. Apparently everyone likes a little elvish ink.

The Fellowship themselves famously went out after wrapping filming on Return Of The Kingand got matching tatts, the number 9 in Elvish. (I’ve included Dom Monaghan and Ian Mckellen’s tattoos in the gallery). IMDB says:

Eight of the nine members of the Fellowship got a small tattoo of the word “nine” spelled out in Tengwar, which is the Elvish script created by Tolkien. They got it at a tattoo parlor in Wellington, New Zealand, to commemorate the experience of the movie. The ninth member, John Rhys-Davies, declined and sent his stunt double in his place. Elijah Wood’s tattoo is on his lower stomach. Sean Astin and Billy Boyd have the tattoo on their ankles (to commemorate all those hours in the hobbit feet). Orlando Bloom, who plays the archer elf Legolas, has his on his forearm. His tattoo is visible during a fight scene in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003). Ian McKellen’s is on his shoulder. Dominic Monaghan’s is on his shoulder. And the eighth member, Sean Bean, has his tattoo on his right shoulder. Viggo Mortensen has his tattoo on his left shoulder.

Geek DIY: Doctor Who Craft Projects

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I love geek craft projects. The only thing I find more adorable than a geek knitting on the bus is a geek knitting a Jayne hat on the bus to wear to the next Browncoat meeting. From TARDIS cupcakes to Dalek dresses, the Whovians are one of the most DIY geek subcultures, and in the spirit of geeky DIY, I decided to share some of my favorite Doctor Who projects. Take a peek. Warning: This post is bigger on the inside.

Adipose Plushies

The cuddliest antagonists since Tribbles. My favorite Adipose DIY toy to date is Erica Kern’s Adipose doll that was profiled on Craftzine. I caught Erica crafting in the line for Doctor Who at Comic-Con this year, and heard she even got the Who crew to sign one of her Adipose toys.

The Dalekettes

I’m in geek love with this cute trio of Aussie cosplayers who surfaced at cons (and all over the internet) last year. They are here to exterminate your heart and they will show no mercy.

Don’t Blink

Blink and you’ll miss the sweetness of this Blink pendant necklace, crafted by UrsulaandOlive for their Etsy shop. A perfect way to show some love for your all-time favorite Who episode.

Would you care for a Jelly Baby…..Cake?

Remember the U.F.O cake decorated with Jelly Babies in Aliens Of London? Adam Wolf must, because he made a wonderful step-by-step post on his blog of how to make a cake with Jelly Babies.

Sweet-toothed sisters Babara Jo and Barbara May take the cake (please forgive me) with their incredible, edible TARDIS. We salute these crafty siblings and hope to see more geeky treats from them in the near future.

Cakes are one of the most popular Who craft projects. David Tennant spoke at Comic-Con last year about how weird it was to see his face plastered on cakes all over England. I wonder how he feels about all the cake love the Daleks get? Did you know there is an ENTIRE Flickr pool devoted to Dalek Desserts? Because nothing is better than devouring, er, Exterminating, a Dalek cupcake.

dalek cookies

That makes….306 Type 40’s?

What’s geekier than building your own TARDIS? Building your own TARDIS to house your homemade MAME console, of course. Winner of hands-down the most amazing and most geeky Doctor Who project is Simon Jansen, who built this incredible MAME console

What are your favorite Who craft projects?

My First Microchip

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Do you remember your first microchip?

In the late 1970’s, the toy industry embraced technology as never before and contributed to the children of the 70’s and 80’s becoming a tech-savvy, science- (and science-fiction-) loving populace. Toys that talked, walked, and lit up like a disco floor dominated the toy chests of this era and shaped the ways in which kids interacted with the world. Saturday morning cartoons blared advertisements populated by talking Teddy bears, cyborg Barbies, and home video-game systems that paved the way for the tech toys of today. One of my most frightening childhood memories is of a sleepover, when late at night, curled up in the bottom bunk, I heard a voice from the closet imploring me “Let’s be friends!” over and over… until the batteries finally wore out. This was before Furby, but not long after Gremlins, and I was petrified that some small fuzzy minion of Chuckie was about to emerge and murder me in my sleep. I survived, and scratched ‘Teddy Ruxpin’ of my Christmas wish list, and asked high-tech Santa for a Gameboy instead.

Here are few toys that changed playtime forever:


In 1978, Texas instruments, future purveyors of all those nifty graphing calculators, gave us the bright red wonder of Speak & Spell, a hand-held spelling tool that contained the first single-chip voice synthesizer. A powerful little chip, ET even used it to phone home. In the years that followed, the exact same chip would be used for the first Electronic Voice Alert in vehicles, and would become a fixture in many toys and arcade games. Today, hackers and musicians alike take apart this classic toy with many entertaining results.


Also introduced in 1978, Milton Bradley launched the Simon with a coming-out party fittingly held at Studio 54. Flashing like a disco dance floor, this memory game became an instant fad. It was deceptively simple: kids had to master and repeat a visual and auditory sequence displayed by Simon. Its influence has continued on into the present, and now you can make your own Simon. One could even argue we have Simon to thank for Dance Dance Revolution. And is it just me, or does the Google Chrome logo look mighty familiar?


Before Furbies began multiplying like Tribbles, Teddy Ruxpin was the toy to own. Essentially not much more than a tape deck encased in fluff, Teddy Ruxpin enthralled, entertained and terrified the children of the 80’s. Somehow, the novelty of a talking teddy never quite wore off, and modern toy manufactures have taken the concept to its logical, and perhaps inevitable, conclusion: the iTeddy.

My hands-down favorite modern-day Teddy Ruxpin hack has to be the Twittering Teddy:

How 2.0: Make a Twittering Teddy Bear from My Home 2.0 DIY on Vimeo.



As the 70’s drew to a close, Microvision hit the Christmas shopping market in December 1979. Before the era of the 99 cent iphone game download, before SEGA and Gameboy, there was Microvision. Microvision was the first hand-held gaming console with changeable cartridges. To sweeten the deal, the toy looked like something off the Enterprise. The game faded from popularity rather quickly, but it ushered in the 1980s and the era of hand-held gaming.



Invented by an actual rocket scientist, Merlin was introduced by Parker Brothers in 1978 (apparently, The Year Of The Microchip Toy) Merlin became an instant classic. Merlin was not just one game, it was six games in one portable device:

What was your first microchip?

The Cyborg Mani-FESTO

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German automation giant FESTO has dared to dream of electric sheep; they’ve created aquatic androids that may change the field of robotics forever.

FESTO’s Bionic Learning Network is using cutting-edge robotics in conjunction with bio-mimicry, and the result is creatures so real they would surprise Philip K. Dick.

What will science think of next?

Do You Know Where Your Towel Is?

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Happy Towel Day! Geeks across the cosmos keep today sacred, celebrating the memory of a giant who walked among us; the legendary Douglas Adams.

To celebrate Towel Day, I’ve cobbled together a gallery of HHGTTG-inspired tattoos. Enjoy!