Tattoo Tuesday: Tolkien Tatts!

I’m a Tolkien fan. As a kid I played ‘hobbits’ with my cousins, and dreamed of living in the shire. I spent hours standing in line in the rain waiting for Lord Of The Rings tickets. I’m just that geeky. But I’m not the only one. As today’s Tattoo Tuesday theme, I selected some of the geekiest and best Tolkien tatts from around the web. Apparently everyone likes a little elvish ink.

The Fellowship themselves famously went out after wrapping filming on Return Of The Kingand got matching tatts, the number 9 in Elvish. (I’ve included Dom Monaghan and Ian Mckellen’s tattoos in the gallery). IMDB says:

Eight of the nine members of the Fellowship got a small tattoo of the word “nine” spelled out in Tengwar, which is the Elvish script created by Tolkien. They got it at a tattoo parlor in Wellington, New Zealand, to commemorate the experience of the movie. The ninth member, John Rhys-Davies, declined and sent his stunt double in his place. Elijah Wood’s tattoo is on his lower stomach. Sean Astin and Billy Boyd have the tattoo on their ankles (to commemorate all those hours in the hobbit feet). Orlando Bloom, who plays the archer elf Legolas, has his on his forearm. His tattoo is visible during a fight scene in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003). Ian McKellen’s is on his shoulder. Dominic Monaghan’s is on his shoulder. And the eighth member, Sean Bean, has his tattoo on his right shoulder. Viggo Mortensen has his tattoo on his left shoulder.


~ by Sarah Hope on June 8, 2010.

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