Victorian Valentines

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Happy Valentines Day

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Pierced Heart

Pierced Heart

This tiny mushroom was found in Costa Rica. (Via csabatokolyi)


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I have been indoctrinated into the sacred cult of  Fluevog. I have never been a girl who praises fancy footwear, but heaven help me am deeply in love with these shoes. I am now in possession of my first-even pair of Fluevogs, the super sexy Bond Girl boots in burgundy. I am in love. ❤

Doctor Who Tattoos

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Few television series have inspired such rabid devotion as Doctor Who. To celebrate their love of the longest-running science fiction series,these hardcore fans in the UK and abroad proudly sport Doctor Who themed tatts, ranging from the silly to the simply beautiful. Take at look at the Doctor Who tattoos in the gallery, and share your own ideas for Who tattoos. Allons y!

The LEGO Life

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LEGO, the ubiquitous building block that has been a playroom staple since 1932, has recently gained popularity with designers. From LEGO lamps to LEGO cameras, LEGO counters and LEGO couches, to an entire two story home build entire out of LEGO, it appears no one can get enough of LEGO.

A UK design company is offering shoppers storage solutions in the form of giant lego bricks, that can be snapped together for easy storage.

Industrial Designers everywhere are in love with this little Danish brick. This 3 pixel digital camera is available at ThinkGeek for $60, and gives new meaning to the term
“toy camera.”

Feeling Crafty? Order a LEGO mood lite kit from Gadget Brando and you can construct your very own LEGO night light.

LEGO lamps and boxes are all well and good, but what would it take to really live a LEGO life? BBC personality James May, one of the hosts of the popular series Top Gear, decided to take his love of LEGO to the limits, and then a bit beyond that. May commissioned a house built entirely out of LEGO as a piece for his TV series, James May’s Toy Stories. It took over 1,000 hard-working volunteers and over three million bricks to construct May’s LEGO home. Inside and out, everything in the house was constructed entirely out of LEGO. A home in his toy box, May definitely wins the prize for leading the LEGO life.

Geek Crush: Richard Ayoade

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Geek Crush of the week is Richard Ayoade, best known for playing geeky IT tech Maurice Moss in The IT Crowd. Ayoade got his start doing theater while at Cambridge at Footlights, the elite theater club, where he worked alongside comedian John Oliver writing and directing plays. Today, Ayoade is a geek icon thanks to his work in cult hits like The IT Crowd and The Mighty Boosh. Ayoade’s directorial debut, Submarine, is garnering serious attention after premiering at the Toronto Film Festival last year, and poised to become one of the most sought after young directors in the UK. And with his easy charm, shy smile and horn-rimmed glasses, he’s downright impossible to resist for a dyed-in-the-wool geek girl like me. ❤

Trailer for Ayoade’s Submarine, due to hit theaters Memorial Day weekend:

Tattoo Tuesday: Bedtime Stories

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The magic of storybooks can last a lifetime. The characters that populated our bedtime stories seem like old friends, always familiar and comforting. From Peter Rabbit and The Little Prince to Alice In Wonderland, we’re all suckers for a sentimental tattoo celebrating our fondest childhood memories.